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New site – Just a few interesting facts you can find on the new site –

Thank you for taking the time to look over our newly updated website.  Aspiro is an alternative to “tough love” wilderness programs.

Aspiro is licensed by the State of Utah as an Outdoor Behavioral Health Program.

The Aspiro Group of programs utilizes a hybrid of traditional clinical modalities including: wilderness therapy, adventure therapy, family systems, experiential therapy, and experiential education.

Aspiro Parent and Student Testimonials

Aspiro Admissions

Aspiro’s average length of stay is 54 days.

Adolescents that participate in Aspiro Adventure Wilderness Therapy programs are ages 13 to 17 and are basically great kids that have gotten off track and need additional guidance and structure to assist them in making better choices for their future. Aspiro operates year-round and application for admission may take place at any time. Through a combination of written work, continuous field trips, and experiential education, Aspiro provides students the opportunity to earn high school credits. Aspiro clinical staff members are highly dedicated and trained individuals.

Aspiro uses Transition Camps throughout the state of Utah. The Aspiro Diet was created with the belief that food is medicine and one of the foundations of a positive experience at Aspiro. The outdoor is a great teaching and healing environment, but also requires the right equipment and training for a safe experience. Aspiro provides all clothing, gear and equipment that your child will need for the program. Safety is the most important aspect of any reputable program. Aspiro believes it is not enough to do traditional therapy alone. Our expeditions are designed to inspire self discovery and character development through challenge and adventure. Aspiro’s founders and owners form the primary management roles in day-to-day operations of the program.

Director of Admissions – Josh Watson, LCSW –  Email: (801) 349-2740.

Admissions Assistant – Ryan Coley.

Aspiro has a visionary leadership team who have taken the strengths of outdoor behavioral therapy programs and addressed many of the weaknesses of the industry as well.

Dr. Gordon Day – Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services

Aspiro guides believe they have the greatest job on the planet. They get paid to do what they would do during their time off from a regular job!

Aspiro FAQ’s

When you enroll your child in Aspiro, you become part of the Aspiro Family!

Families participate in every step of treatment. Families have weekly phone calls with a member of the Aspiro Treatment Team, communicate weekly though written communication, do regular therapeutic assignments at home and attend optional Parenting Work shops.

Aspiro Adventure Photo Gallery

Related Programs

Educational / Therapeutic Consultants play a vital role in the adventure wilderness industry as they work closely with families in crisis to asses their at-risk adolescents and refer them to appropriate adventure outdoor wilderness programs and residential / therapeutic boarding schools. Educational consultants work for the family, not for any specific program. Therefore, they focus on meeting the needs of the family and their child.

When you need help and would like to initiate contact with an Educational Consultant, our Admissions Director can help you find one to match your needs.

We strongly encourage our families to read The Anatomy of Peace, which carefully describes the process of restoring peace in our homes and in our lives.

Much of Aspiro’s success in the Therapeutic Industry can be attributed to the caliber of staff that is employed here.

Generally Aspiro brings on new field guides every four months, specifically November/December, April/May, August/September. The hiring for these waves will be done one to two months in advance, at our prospective guide weekends.


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